Goal Update

Baseline 2014: 52

2021: 53

2030 Goal: 85

Measured in Fiscal Years.

The UNO unquestionably values sustainability and sees sustainability as a means to place the students first, be academically excellent, and engage with the community. Therefore, the UNO conducted a Sustainability Engagement Survey. The survey combines metrics on knowledge and perceived behavior to determine a single score between 0-100.

The UNO last conducted a survey in 2021 with a score of 53, which is lower than their goal of 85 by 2030. The UNO 2021 SES score was slightly lower than the previous survey conducted due to changes in the methodology that led to respondents scoring lower. When these changes were accounted for, respondents scored a 57, which is equivalent to the 2019 SES score.

Recent Efforts

SustainUNO Revamped

In 2019, SustainUNO, a student organization at UNO was revamped. The organization currently have 200 student members.


Sustainability Engagement Survey

In 2021, students, staff, and faculty participated in sustainability engagement survey.

Engagements and Partnerships

In 2020, UNO accomplished the following:

  • UNO Office of Sustainability hosted 24 events in 2020 with 1,359 total participants;
  • Social media engagement and reach increased over 162% and total followers increased 82% in 2020;
  • Collaborative partnerships were formulated with 25 community organizations.

Upcoming Projects

Conservation Career Chats

In collaboration with Conservation Nebraska, UNO will be hosting bi-monthly, virtual fireside chats with professionals in Omaha and Nebraska who work in conservation. This is an opportunity for students and other community members to learn more about the journeys and job duties of a variety of folks doing great conservation work locally. 


Sustainability Housing Community

UNO Office of Sustainability plans to collaborate with Housing and Residence Life to develop a Sustainability themed Living Community in campus housing on Dodge Campus. The purpose of this community is to provide opportunities and experiences for students to become better stewards of the environment and engage in actions that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible. The community will have a dedicated RA who will work closely with Office of Sustainability to develop and implement sustainability programming for members of the community. 

Our Goals