Goal Update

Baseline 2014: 43%

2019: 36%

2030 Goal: 60%


UNO Mode Split

Percentage of students, faculty, and staff commuting to UNO by modes other than driving alone. Measured in fiscal years.

Due to its size, UNO’s campus has a significant impact on traffic and parking in midtown Omaha. UNO is adopting policies that encourage the use of active or lower-emission transportation options that reduce road and parking congestion, reduce pollution, promote healthy lifestyles, and preserve infrastructure. A significant number of people travel to campus by walking, biking, transit, or carpool, and many students live on campus with virtual meetings/classes eliminating the need for some trips.

Recent Efforts

Programs Collaboration 

Increased collaboration between UNO’s Parking and Transit office and Office of Sustainability through service on committees and collaborative initiative development. 

UNO Sustainability Coordinator engagement with transportation projects and working groups in Omaha including Smart Cities, ConnectGO, and ORBT Stakeholder group.


Campus Shuttles

UNO offers a free shuttle service between the Dodge and Scott campuses. UNO’s shuttles are equipped with GPS tracking allowing individuals to get live location data for every bus on route and arrival times at the stops.


UNO is home to FIVE Heartland B-Cycle Stations, Omaha’s public bike-sharing program (MBSC, Mammel Hall, ASH, MV/UV, Scott Clubhouse).

UNO Ride-Matching/Carpooling

Parking Services offers ride-matching through a partnership with MAPA using Metro RideShare. If a carpool is formed, through this program or on your own, individuals have the opportunity to purchase a carpool permit.

Emergency Ride Home Service

Provides free taxi service in the event of an unexpected emergency for registered sustainable commuters.


All active UNO students, faculty, and staff are able to use their University ID as a Metro Transit bus pass, free of charge. The program is 24/7, as long as the Metro Buses are running. No activation is required, all individuals automatically have access to the program.

In 2018, the MavRIDE program registered 123,498 riders (a 4% increase over FY17).

MavRIDE usership

Upcoming Projects


UNO is working on renewing the MavRide program.

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